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  • Linda fra Odda, - 09.07.2002, 11:20 CET
    ey,kul sia!skal sjekka ut musikken og når eg får pengar!
  • Tapio, - 03.07.2002, 12:37 CET
    Nice looking and informative site.
  • olve, - 28.06.2002, 22:00 CET
    flotte greier jan kenneth.
  • Bert Hillen, - 16.06.2002, 10:58 CET
    I'm proud that Elusive will play at the Event, Geel, Belgium in November. Your album is fantastic, I hope there will be make more of this good stuff. See you in Belgium and wish you all succes.
    Bert Hillen
    Member of Caer Gwydeon vzw
  • Max Thrasher, - 08.06.2002, 14:23 CET
    Hey Tommy, hey everybody!! Max of New Zealand House Of Noizz here. :) Just decided to drop you a line in the guestbook...
    Don't really have anything constructive to say, except that you ROCK and that I can't wait for any new material to come out! :)
    Love ye all :)
  • Leandro Silva da Costa, - 05.06.2002, 05:26 CET
    Hello it is the first time that I know your songs but are really pretty good!!!
    Theatre of Tragedy and Elusive Rules!

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