Impressions on Elusive's albums from the press (magazines, webzines etc.). Only a few quotations from each review are presented - please refer to the respective magazine for the full review. This page will be updated with more reviews as soon as we have them.

"The Great Silence"
Mick Mercer
"Destination zero was a superb album of constrained rock and this long awaited follow up is just the same. "
Metal Heart
"Less synths, more guitars and dark mooded. This album was worth the wait of 4 years."
"Full of epic soundig songs,rich deep vocals and mystical romance. Get it now! "
"Such is the high level of material here that there is no reason why Elusive shouldn't enjoy and acclaim the same success as the wayne hussey mob... A band who know how to rock with feeling!"
Metal Hammer
"Elusives second album proves in a perfect manner the outstanding talents of songwriter Tommy Olsson. "
Rock Hard
"The songwriting is very strong, all songs surrounded by an epic flair including huge and overwhelming melodies and perfect vocals."
"Straight rocking guitars, atmospheric keyboard passages and charismatic vocals."
"A few of the things which strikes the listener almost immediately are the excellent production. The sound of Gloom, wrapped up in a duster, and wearing a Ten Gallon hat. A greatest return!"
"Elusive are presenting a grand second album, combining catchy melodies of The Mission kind with anxiety laden lyrics, "The Great Silence" is a truly brilliant Goth Rock album."
Sonic Seducer
"'The Great Silence' all in all presents outstanding Gothic Rock, recommendable not only to the chronically melancholic. "
"Destination Zero"
"Already after a few beats it becomes clear that we are here dealing with thoroughbred musicians, no longer in need of clichés. (...) Successful."
The Original Sin
"...their synthdriven guitargothrock is a sound lots of gothrockers will embrace."
Tartarean Desire
"The music itself is very melodic but the most impressive thing about this album is the very passionate vocals."
Stavanger Aftenblad
"Barkved has a mighty voice, Olsson creates good tunes, and Veland knows how the guitars should sound. Listen for yourself"
"Elusive sound like the offspring between the classic sound of eighties guitar wave and good old rock!"
"A magnificent work!"
"Elusive has made a brilliant record and talks a well-articulate musical language which is a pleasure to listen to."
"It's clean. It's 80's. It's industrial pop. They are called Elusive. In truth a composite band. They are goths, but are so hung up on the 80's in general that it will not take you long before you hear keyboard sounds that makes you think of a-ha - just as some of the songs are machine rock like Billy Idol. (...) Elusive is definitely a band with potentials."
Penny Dreadful
"A kind of divine gift fallen from the sky.(...) The singer is very very very very good. (...) Elusive? No!!! Essential!!! It's music in its essence!"
"With their debut album Destination Zero, Elusive delivers an outstanding Norwegian rock album."
"Whereas some songs lead the thoughts to The Sisters of Mercy, others have a touch of Bowie or Billy Idol. Thus, Elusive succeed in creating their own style that sounds modern and mature."
Monster Magazine (Scandinavia)
"This is gothic rock, gothic rock sucks!"
Moving Hands
"Elusive makes first class goth rock... (...) The album contains everything from up-tempo dance floor songs to slower Nephilim-inspired tracks."
"Fantastic melodies that range from melancholy to power, from day to night, bring you to the realm of dreams; Jan Barkved's voice conjure longing and passion, sorrow and devotion."
Mick Mercer
"This albums reeks of class, and is blessed not just with immaculate musicianship, which you'd probably expect, but also exceptionally magnetic vocals. If you can't find a place in your collection for some rock you'll play endlessly you're a miserable twat."
Hard Wired
"As almost all the songs have some sort of infectious quality it made it very difficult for me not to find myself singing along and makes it even harder to single any tracks out."
"This CD lets all unnecessary decorations be, rocks, and kicks ass bigtime! (...) ...we can definitely speak of a successful debut."
"Destination Zero is one of Norway's strongest rock album ever, and possibly the most solid goth rock album the genre has produced since the mid 80s."
Gothic World
"This is first class gothic rock. (...) Elusive have playfully created some fine dark pearls that invite dreaming as much as power-rocking, conjuring dry ice mist clouds over black dance floors."
"Woooooooow! The new hope for goth-rock came from Norway..."
Gothic Eye
"Go get yourself a pen and write this down.... "I must buy the 'Elusive' CD". (...) I'd give this ten and a half if I was allowed!"
"It's been a long time since I heard a debut album succeed in such a way."
Darker than the Bat
"Try to sit still when you are listening to this album. You can not. Destination Zero is a must for every gothic fan."
Beat the Blizzard
"'Destination Zero' is powerful and catchy album with a lot of feeling and atmosphere."
"This is an album where every, and I mean absolutely every song brings the heart of an old waver into rushing beats. (...) It is sufficient to say, it is the best debut album since '86."
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