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  • minecraft, - 22.09.2018, 10:08 CET
    I was able to find good advice from your content.
  • F. Fredsen, - 25.02.2017, 23:44 CET
    Really nice site! Love the band, love the music.
  • Lumina Dazai, - 02.02.2017, 21:31 CET
    Hey, cool site
  • Kim, - 30.07.2015, 10:26 CET
    Great site. Great band!
  • jojojo - 07.04.2011, 21:22 CET
    Damn. Can't believe you quit. Thnx anyway.
  • mitch, - 26.03.2011, 17:22 CET
  • Marko89, - 20.02.2011, 20:39 CET
    It is sad without you Jan :((
  • fripmerie, - 29.01.2011, 08:01 CET
    Happy New Year everyone! :)
  • poopsisipsers, - 27.01.2011, 07:54 CET
    Pleased New Year one! :)
  • Lorencohag, - 18.12.2010, 16:27 CET
    So..... where is toilet? Hehe))) Joke, relax ;)
  • sirensofthesevenseas - 22.10.2010, 01:12 CET
    man i still can't believe you're gone...
    it's almost a year...may your soul rest in peace my friend...:(
  • christian, - 07.09.2010, 16:49 CET
    What a grate band, and what a shame my ex havent give me an opportunity of been at least a friend...any way, one day we all gonna be happy!
  • Malice In Wonderland - 20.07.2010, 22:41 CET
    R.I.P Jan.
    Was a great pleasure sharing the stage with you! Your great music will live on!
    Malice In Wonderland
  • E.Shunn, - 04.07.2010, 22:21 CET
    wounderfull website
  • xaridimos - 15.05.2010, 11:40 CET
    great guitar gothic...
    masters in that genre!
  • PyrateSteele, - 12.04.2010, 09:05 CET
    I just learned. I will miss you Jan, and your wonderful voice. See you on the other side so I can kick your butt for never sending me your hat as payment for the Elusive banner I made for you! Love ya always!
  • Demian Ashes - 27.03.2010, 18:44 CET
    Great voice Jan...r.i.ip.
  • Brandon George, - 02.03.2010, 21:44 CET
    I first heard of Elusive through a Goth compilation that I downloaded from some random blog. I got hooked at my first listening. Good work, yet terrible loss for Jan :(
  • Csoni, - 31.12.2009, 15:43 CET
    I found Elusive on youtube a month before Jan died. Liked them at first sight and hoped the band will soon visit Hungary. :(
    Latiatuc feleym zumtuchel mic vogmuc. yſa pur eſ chomuv uogmuc. (Behold with your own eyes my kin what we are! Sure we are just dust and ashes.)
  • Vero, - 18.11.2009, 21:57 CET
    Jan - we feel lucky to have met you and shared so many laughters with you. You were a wonderful person and you will be missed you dearly. We will always think of you through your music and every time we see Monty Python, hear Johnny Cash or hear the word Lubeck ! Man - still can't believe you are gone. Love xxx

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