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  • Bernard, - 09.11.2009, 21:34 CET
    I will never forget our chats before and after the gigs... You could pick a face out of a crowd and make a gig a night to remember. Always in for a laugh and also a drink (or maybe two) ofcourse ! Your legacy lives on in your music. Strength and sympathy to the ones close to you. R.I.P. Jan. We will never forget you.
  • kollegar p mills - 03.11.2009, 10:06 CET
    Trist motta budskapet.
    Vi lyser fred over ditt minne.
  • Ronny Veland, - 02.11.2009, 10:54 CET
    :( Hvil i fred.
    Vil savne stemmen din :(
    Du hadde en stemme ingen andre hadde.
  • Sunniva Veland, - 01.11.2009, 22:38 CET
    Hvil i fred, Jan Kenneth! :/
  • Hilde, - 01.11.2009, 22:17 CET
    Hvil i fred Jan Kenneth
    Kondolanser til familie og venner
  • Steph - 31.10.2009, 22:26 CET
    the good ones leave us far to early, RIP Jan, I am gonna miss you...see you someday somewhere again...I'll count on it - I owe you one
  • Steini, - 31.10.2009, 20:14 CET
    The red wine is empty, the candles go out. No new sound of Elusive? Now can come in 2012 ...! Ewige Traurigkeit meines CD - Spielers. Hoffe, in anderer Form? dark Greets Steini
  • Steini, - 31.10.2009, 20:08 CET
    What do I want now with all dieer hit - parades shit? The gulls do not fly any more, the red wine does not taste any more and the candles are over? ELUSIVE forever!!!!!
  • Ronny Moorings, - 29.10.2009, 21:54 CET
    Heard the awful news about Jan, a terrible loss !!!
  • Jan Henrik Vuyk - 29.10.2009, 09:14 CET
    RIP Jan Kenneth
  • Marcelo Simpson, - 23.08.2009, 19:31 CET
    Quando tudo parece ter terminado, vem uma banda e mostra que ainda h muito que se explorar - Marcelo Costa Nunes from Brazil in a very good portuguese...
  • The G-point, - 20.06.2009, 17:17 CET
    You are bastards!) I've beloved your band, and was going to see Elusive in Russia sometime, we're dearly loving many norvegian and finnish cute things here... :')
    Thank you all for the music, you've done, guys
    I'll hope against hope to hear you again)
  • Robin, - 22.05.2009, 23:52 CET
    Hi Guys! This is your lost friends that moved to Opp, Al.- Robin (& Liz) who were your oldest fans back when... I am the blonde tattooed one! You played my 50th birthday party at Coasters. Still in Opp-got a gig for ya'll up here if interested. Hope to catch you at a show soon...Robin
  • Heike, - 15.05.2009, 20:02 CET
    Wish you all the best !
    Hope to see you in Germany soon....
    Love your music , greetz, H.
  • CSB - 29.04.2009, 10:18 CET
    Sorry to hear the news, maybe you'll be back one day!?
  • Heike, - 09.04.2009, 01:11 CET
    you broke my heart. I already miss you.
    Alles Liebe wünsche ich euch.
  • Annou-ki, - 06.04.2009, 11:10 CET
    This was the saddest thing I\'ve read for a long time... :\'(
    Love from Greece...
  • Nicky Hunter, - 13.02.2009, 10:02 CET
    It's not long since I got into your guys and I think you are amazing. Have you any plans to play the North of England any time soon?
  • eLuSiVe ArT, - 27.01.2009, 17:51 CET
    just wanted to sat hello and i thinkits kool that you have that name...Your in the music and im in the art....check out my page. Im on myspace.
  • zibex, - 22.01.2009, 10:41 CET
    3C346G hi! nice site!

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