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  • Annou-ki, - 06.04.2009, 11:10 CET
    This was the saddest thing I\'ve read for a long time... :\'(
    Love from Greece...
  • Nicky Hunter, - 13.02.2009, 10:02 CET
    It's not long since I got into your guys and I think you are amazing. Have you any plans to play the North of England any time soon?
  • eLuSiVe ArT, - 27.01.2009, 17:51 CET
    just wanted to sat hello and i thinkits kool that you have that name...Your in the music and im in the art....check out my page. Im on myspace.
  • zibex, - 22.01.2009, 10:41 CET
    3C346G hi! nice site!
  • Daniel, - 14.01.2009, 11:11 CET
    Takker for ekstra sangen på Folkets Hus, nytter faktisk å rope ja. Trasigt publikum dessverre.
  • Rufus Hurst, - 11.01.2009, 18:30 CET
    good luck
  • Jens, - 01.01.2009, 11:40 CET
    Best wishes for the new year 2009! I hope to hear and see you soon in germany, with a new album in your bag!
    Rock on...cheers and beers!
  • Luscious, - 22.11.2008, 04:31 CET
    Great music. Awesome!
  • Ixtab Mictlancihuatl(from Mexico), - 23.09.2008, 17:37 CET
    Hi, Great music, and great new album, Thanks guys sound awesome. Come to Mexico please!!!!
  • Dan (From Lebanon), - 11.09.2008, 12:48 CET
    I recently discovered Elusive with their album "Great Silence"... I just can't stop listening to your music!
    At home, at Work, in my car!... Guys you are unmatchable! Keep up the good work!...
  • VLAKS, - 16.04.2008, 16:44 CET
    You guys are fantastic, keap up the the excellent work!
    PLEASE come back to Athens we nead you!
  • vero, - 15.04.2008, 01:04 CET
    you guys are just the best, and i will be just bit more best, if i could give to my ex, a opportunity of been a friend at least, but yea, i dont know why i dont do it!!!, but i will :)
  • Annou-ki, - 03.04.2008, 09:23 CET
    Unfortunately, I have only been to one of your concerts, but that was enough....
    Please, come back to Athens...we miss you so so much!!!!!
  • Bloodflower - 01.04.2008, 13:03 CET
    Just wanted to say that you guys rock! I love your music, and I really think that what you guys are making, is what the music scene has been missing for a long time. Keep up the great work, and hope to see you here in Serbia, on a concert some day!
  • mohit, - 23.03.2008, 06:42 CET
    i absolutely love your music, guys. it has just the right blend of everything i look for in a band. unfortunately i cannot find any of the albums here in india, and it's too expensive for me to mail order. but thanks nevertheless for the great music, and keep it coming! take care!
  • A FAN, - 20.03.2008, 23:55 CET
    I love your band!
  • Beatrice, - 27.02.2008, 15:22 CET
    Hi, everyone! I'd like to hear from Goths and other...well, extraordinary persons who adore Gothic Rock like I do. Now that this music genre seems to have lost its once leading position, Elusive plays the greatest part in its resurrection. Guys, you're really the best! So thank you for all you're doing... Your loving fangirl from Russia. :)
  • maga aba , - 29.01.2008, 12:58 CET
    i love vthis site please keep on the good work.
  • VonFara, - 20.01.2008, 16:04 CET
    This is a great web site !!! Keep up the good work.
    Hugs ulla
  • Isilruë, - 09.01.2008, 21:50 CET
    Hi Elusive! I'm an Spanish boy that loves your music. A lot of people and me wants buy your Cds and meet you, because here you can be a famous band if you come to play again. I'm from Barcelona and I hope that, if you want, write me to my hotmail account. Thanks Elusive!

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