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  • The Hoboe, - 18.04.2007, 22:23 CET
    I love your music guys and cant wait for the new album - I know you will come thru once again! Looking forward to taste Lervig summer brew hehe :)
    Jeg har kommet gjennom nåløyet, men jeg har mistet tråden......
  • wayne and hazel, - 13.04.2007, 15:07 CET
    hello boys! hows things? looking good what with a new album and that. saw you on the liepzig listings and thought it really was about time time we got off our fat british asses and said hello. We are eagerly awaiting the mission tour in may and then the nephlim in london and then hopefully we will try and get to liepzig to see you guys! looking forward to hearing your new stuff. take care for now love n hugs from wales xxxx p.s thanks for the hello via graham x
  • Markus Winter - 28.03.2007, 10:34 CET
    Found your music by accident... loved it at first listen. Keep going! Greetz from Germany
  • lunacia - 20.03.2007, 14:36 CET
    So, when will you be back in Oslo? I hope to see you again in not too long!
  • Holly Roller, - 15.03.2007, 07:33 CET
    Hi, the first time I saw you on stage and hear your great music as support The Mission last year at Matrix Bochum! It was a exelent show. And I like your songs very much! It sounds great... Now I m waiting for the new Album!
    See you....Greetings from germany
  • mol - 09.03.2007, 08:22 CET
    ride - great song! and I enjoyed the whole album 'the great silence'
    now, I'm waiting for the 11th of may ;-) unfortunately I cannot join the WGT in leipzig
    greets from koblenz, germany
  • Iselin (Norway), - 25.02.2007, 20:47 CET
    Dåkk e et kjempe band, har album å masse minner fra sangane dåkkårs, stå på vidare. Så må de kje ble for lenge te dåkkår slår te me ein konsert i Norge ijenn
    Knib. ;)
  • Stranger, - 17.02.2007, 12:41 CET
    I've seen you playing live in The Netherlands as support for The Mission UK.
    I liked it a lot, but only now i have ordered your cd's.
    Can't wait to hear your music again.
  • Alejandro, - 09.02.2007, 22:30 CET
    Better than The Mission, Sisters of Mercy or Heroes Del Silencio. Thanks from Barcelona, Spain.
  • yggiavas, - 29.01.2007, 12:09 CET
    thank you for the memories! greece loves you! could you plz send me the lyrics of circle never ends?
  • Darkness, - 04.01.2007, 19:40 CET
    i could see you in concert yet, but..i realy love your music, Elusive is great, kisses^^
  • Elysium, - 02.01.2007, 10:59 CET
    Greetings from Elysium, in Durban, South Africa. Great site, great songs!
  • connie, - 02.01.2007, 01:02 CET
    HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you
  • christophe, - 23.12.2006, 22:56 CET
    hey there, I first saw you guys at Gothic Festival in belgium and since I have become a huge fan, I hope to see you peopel again real soon.
    ceep up the good work and mush luck with the 3e album :-D
  • Simon Johansson, - 10.12.2006, 20:55 CET
    I just have to say that you are the best band that ever has exist. You guys need to come tp Sweden and play.
  • LooLa, - 10.12.2006, 16:00 CET
    I completely adore you guys!!
    I loved you guys a few months ago in Belgium..
    I know your cd allready by heart now.
    Big Kiss
    from a HUGE fan
  • Hellen, - 29.11.2006, 15:37 CET
    Thank you for coming in Greece, you were awesome and we cant wait your come back!
  • søs, - 28.11.2006, 23:24 CET
    Hallo Elusive.. Jysla flotte konsert i Athen. Me hadde det heilt topp.. Bjynne visst å ble litt tradisjon dette her - så det bler vel kanskje ein konsert te neste år og... Athen va någe for seg sjøl, me et synganne publikum - di konne jo alt.... Knallbra.. Klem søs, Hilse fra Bjørn og Ingrid!
  • Isela, - 21.11.2006, 01:50 CET
    I´ve listened their new work and i have to say that you really did a great work guys..Congrtz and hope to see you soon in México(Tequila Land)
    Klem vennems,
  • Andeo, - 09.11.2006, 23:47 CET
    Nice site! I've enjoyed visiting it. Thanks for ur work.

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