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  • Erik - 05.06.2006, 13:02 CET
    G'day from Australia! Really dig your music...have to buy the CD now. Hope to see you down here sometime. Keep it up guys!
  • dimon, - 30.05.2006, 13:29 CET
    hello from russia! Guys your rule.
  • Björn, - 27.04.2006, 23:31 CET
    you're coming to Belgium again, woooooohooooo!!!
    I can't wait!!
  • velvet_razor, - 22.04.2006, 00:38 CET
    Hi there! "The Great Silence" looks to me more intimal than "Destination Zero". You really did an excelent work! Unfortenely you canceled the show last year with The Mission here in Portugal. It was a great night and i'm sure with you playing too the night would be perfect. Anyway, take care, and long live the Rock!
  • Rick, - 21.04.2006, 00:53 CET
    You guys rock! Thanks for the free T-shirt and two albums!You should come to the Pensacola FL. carshow.
  • Halfdan, - 16.04.2006, 04:17 CET
    Det er snart mai, og dere har ennå ikke spilt en eneste konsert i år. Få ut fingern!
    Neida, jeg skal ikke mase. Men det hadde vært fint å se dere live før sommeren er over...
  • Plissken - 03.04.2006, 07:00 CET
    Awesome Album!!! Nuff said.
    Greetings from Venezuela
  • LarryKurde, - 31.03.2006, 18:05 CET
    hello Elusive :) best regards from Poland ( did You knows where is it?? ;) ) Yours new album The Great Silent is very very good... for me ( i listen gothic rock from many years) that is fresh wind in dark ;)
    Best Regards and Good Luck
  • Klaus, - 20.03.2006, 11:43 CET
    Hi Elusive,
    never forget the great show and the nice conversation to Kristian at Glauchau "Alte Spinnerei" (Germany) last October.
    See you soon somewhere in Germany ?!!
    - so let me know.
  • Jagd_panther, - 20.03.2006, 03:30 CET
    Howdy from Hamburg!You MUST please play in Hamburg,cause Hamburg is the goal to the world!!!I hope to see you here.....have a nice time...
  • Gunslinger - 16.03.2006, 18:19 CET
    I've seen their prayers
    on angel wings
    so lost somewhere
    so cold...
  • miro, - 12.03.2006, 16:23 CET
    u rule!
  • Matt Cutugno, - 22.02.2006, 20:25 CET
    Really enjoy your music, was just listening to Shadow Dance on my lunchbreak. When are you coming to New York City? Soon, I hope. Take care, good luck!
  • Wayne - 17.02.2006, 20:54 CET
    Yehaa, Elusive is the best The Mission Rip off ever!!
  • Nicky Gale, - 17.02.2006, 17:38 CET
    Hi, this is a little late but i was told you didnt have a website - anyway I think you guys are awsum love your style and music. We need some gig news for 2006. Hope to see you again soon. Last saw you in Nottingham supporting The Mission - Awsum!! Bye for now.
  • chistoffer, - 15.01.2006, 13:47 CET
    are you gotic? what kind of music is this? g
  • cal, - 07.01.2006, 11:55 CET
    hi guys, wish you all the best in 2006 and hope to see ya live on stage again. bochum show in october last year was great :) live review and pics on NH ;) cheers!
  • Elisabeth, - 07.01.2006, 10:42 CET
    Saw you in Nottingham supporting my fave band The mission, but you blew them off big time!!!
    Just want to tell you about a great website called Myspace, where everything is happening right now, music, bands, people. Get yourself a profile there with your music!!!
  • Marian, - 05.01.2006, 07:35 CET
    Hi guys!I have really loved "the circle never ends" in a gothic club I go very often and got the albums last week!
    They're awesome!Iwish you a great success, and hope to see you soon in Greece!
  • Simone, - 01.01.2006, 20:01 CET
    Have a great start to 2006 you guys!
    Please come back for more!!!
    Simone (from Matrix)

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