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  • Dave Whyman, - 01.01.2006, 17:21 CET
    Hope you had a great Christmas and wish you all the best for 2006!! When are you coming to the UK again? Any dates lined up for 2006 yet??
  • Daniel - 29.12.2005, 02:30 CET
    Great Band
    Best Wishes in 2006
  • Zero, - 21.12.2005, 20:57 CET
    amazing the cd-s two days ago, can't get out them from the player...this is the music I was looking for since I listen to my old favourites.
  • Juul, - 17.12.2005, 20:12 CET
    woooooo, please visit The Netherlandson some tour:|..please *bambi eyes*
  • Hazel&Wayne, - 15.12.2005, 12:21 CET
    Hey there guys!Greetings from Wales finally got round to contacting you.we have just got back from India which is a crazy place our boy kian was walking round the Taj Mahal in an Elusive T-shirt! .we are of to see the Pogues with Graham on saturday havent seen him since the tour,when are you guys going to come back and play then?or do we have to come over there ?heard about your troubles in europe you poor buggers.Well you have our address now so keep in touch because we miss you sad old goths especially susannah!!! oh and tell kristian we loved the silhouette cd take care of you XXXXX
  • Juul, - 12.12.2005, 20:06 CET
    hi people^^
    I think Elusive really adds somehting to music in this genre! I can't find uch lyrics on the internet, I was looking for she's a river, but couldn't find it. (did it myself this time but don't know if it's right or not) one question: in the infromation is said that Morten Veland is in Elusive.. did he left or something? there are pics of the new guitarist, and not of him right? does anybody know why:P?
  • lina, - 30.11.2005, 14:57 CET
    hi.couls anyone mail the 'circle never ends' lyrics?
  • lina, - 30.11.2005, 14:55 CET
  • cruella, - 27.11.2005, 11:22 CET
    Love the new album <3
    Love the first one too.
    Bring yourselves to Finland soon, thank You!
  • Nacho, - 26.11.2005, 18:27 CET
    Very good new album. Better than the first one, very good too.
  • DJ Bjartiis, - 01.11.2005, 14:20 CET
    Javel, boyz! Hail hail for ein vellykka turne rekne eg med, mange nye fans erverva og god gang epleslang. Ryktene seie at der va mange så sto å ropte itte klassikere som Sister Moonchild og Forgotten, og rekne med at hvis disse ble spilt så løfta stemningå seg øve taket!!! Rock on!
  • Alejandro Teodoro, - 27.10.2005, 19:35 CET
    wow ! cool :) hip hip elusive hip hip elusive
  • lidia, - 26.10.2005, 04:46 CET
    Hey, I'm Priscila's sister from Mexico... maybe Kristian remebers her... I was just listening to our music, you guys should really come here for a gig... love your music... send the new record!!!!
  • John Wrenn, - 24.10.2005, 02:56 CET
    What a band. You should break into th UK scene, you have gone down REALLY well supporting The Mish (hope you enjoyed it apart from your misfortunes (sequencer knicked (BA£$*RDS !!!!! They are a MINORITY of people and are SCUM). KEEP UP THE GREAT SOUND you deserve MUCH SUCCESS.
  • Dr. Zoidberg - 23.10.2005, 13:40 CET
    Saw you in Madrid last friday, great show. I was right beside the two girls that failed to sing "the circle never ends"... Absolutly funny!!!!
  • Torsten, - 22.10.2005, 19:27 CET
    Hello Guys! We meetus after the concert in Hanau. Nice to meet and to talk with you. Hope to see you soon. Give Carl greetings from me and I hope you get "Morning Sun" from him to listen it. I think I get a new fan of your music - a friend of me loved your albums after listen by me. Have fun on your tour and greetings from Mannheim, T
  • Suzanne, - 19.10.2005, 16:31 CET
    Hello Guys. Thank you for signing the CD for me at the mission gig in Portsmouth on 13th September. I had never heard of either Elusive or the Mission, but I'm glad my friend pursuaded me to go. Take care, you're probably looking forward to getting home after this tour for a rest! Kristian, I loved your snakeskin boots, definately go for the Alligator ones you mentioned. Next time you tour Britain, I'll come and see you again. Fantastic music. xxx
  • Wizard Of Odd - 16.10.2005, 01:39 CET
    Saw you guys supporting The Mission, in Stourbridge, UK. Excellent show. Listening to the CD now, I like it alot. Look forward to seeing you again.
  • Enodia, - 13.10.2005, 16:48 CET
    Hiya guys. saw you at The Mission gig at the astoria and thought WOW, got to see them again, so just let me know when you are due to play the uk .....
  • Astrid, - 11.10.2005, 11:55 CET
    Hey, finally back from germany, it was a nice concert in Luebeck even if you had an hangover ;) Would like to hear more from you, gjerne også på norsk. Mange hilsner fra "Tvedestrandsfansen" from Luebeck!!!

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