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  • CraigFreeloader - 22.09.2005, 14:04 CET
    Hello! Saw you guys at Keighley & Preston - Love your sound (bought the CD last night to have a proper listen). Enjoy the rest of the tour with Da Mish, - hope the crowds get a bit more "up for it"... oh and respect for the Warrior Soul T-Shirt!!!
  • Ian - 21.09.2005, 01:05 CET
    Saw you supporting the mission in Keighley. You wanted to know where to get a Zodiac Mindwarp T shirt. Try
  • Mark - 20.09.2005, 07:41 CET
    Congratulations on the new album: best album in 2005 so far!
  • Barron, - 19.09.2005, 10:49 CET
    Saw you guys last night supporting the mission in STOKE, fucking great show by both of the bands, I liked what I saw
  • Graham, - 19.09.2005, 03:44 CET
    Hi Arne 1,2 & 3! Just a quick message from Graham, Wayne and Hazel. You guys have been great on the Mission tour. Keep up the good work, and as always "Have a pleasant evening!"
  • Hanne Sara, - 18.09.2005, 02:08 CET
    Dere er noen fantastiske mennesker, og musikken deres er utrolig bra. Fortsett slik :)
  • Bex, - 17.09.2005, 20:21 CET
    I saw you guys with The Mission at the Soundhaus in Northampton, you're amazing. Got my and my friend dancing as soon as we stepped onto the main floor area! Looking forward to ordering a CD or two later =)
  • Niek, - 15.09.2005, 18:47 CET
    Amazing you are going to visit Holland with The Mission. '"Destination Zero'' is one of the best dark rock discs ever released (''God let it go!!...'') and I'm thrilled to see more people realised this. I thought you completely went unnoticed. This is a good thing. See you in a few weeks! Cheers ~Niek/Holland
  • Paul, - 13.09.2005, 22:55 CET
    Thank you for a fantastic set at Princess Pavillion, Falmouth. Thanks for signing the CDs. Look forward to the next CD, and the next UK tour as headline! Keep up the grerat song writing and playing.
  • emma and martin, - 12.09.2005, 20:29 CET
    saw you guys at the fez in reading. FANTASTIC! you were awsome. thanx for signing my boots voucher!
  • Simon, - 09.09.2005, 18:34 CET
    Saw you guys at the Mission gig in Reading. It was fantastic! Great guitar work, and very few singers sing live as well as Jan does. Keep up the good work....
  • Seymour Butz, - 08.09.2005, 03:14 CET
    Useful website. I will enjoy the next update.
  • Aisling, - 06.09.2005, 20:46 CET
    I've just bought tickets for The Mission in Belgium and now I discovered that you are going to be their support act! I'm thrilled! It will be my 3rd Elusive concert and I'm so looking forward to it!
  • Daniel, - 25.08.2005, 13:24 CET
    Hvorfor ikke en konsert i fedrelandet? og ihvertfall en i stavanger.
  • sissy, - 24.08.2005, 13:02 CET
    u rock guy's
  • WAYNE, LAWGOTH@AOL.COM - 22.08.2005, 12:18 CET
    Great news about the mission tour...cant wait to see you at my local town Stourbridge in the UK.... two of my favourite bands for one....good luck!
  • Yes, i have a name. - 20.08.2005, 14:42 CET
    Ahoy, Jan K. Grattis med turneen da. Det blir sikkert svinaktig fett. Knakkebra? Du får ta noen gromme bilder å sjippe hjemover. Gudd løkk!. Snakkes...
  • Kenta, - 18.08.2005, 15:43 CET
    Hello, gonna travel for nine hours again to see you at Shadowfest II, hope you will be playing this time:)
  • Emma, - 09.08.2005, 14:11 CET
    Got "The Great Silence" this morning and it`s one of the best albums I`ve heard in ages! Great work guys!!
  • Sensorium Magazine, - 08.08.2005, 10:13 CET
    Just got your new "The Great Silence" cd: simply AWESOME!!
    Congratulations guys, this is going to be our Top Album for the next weeks...

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