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  • Jürgen Braeckevelt, - 01.10.2004, 09:26 CET
    Shame on me, but I did't knew Elusive untill one onth ago... Great gig in Gavere (Belgium) and I'll be hanging in front op de stage in Ghent also (Invitation). Bought the first CD of Elusive: a beauty.!!! I'm really looking forward to the next one. Good luck and I'll be watching you guys !!!!!!!
  • cath, - 30.09.2004, 22:08 CET
    You´ll play in Hamburg?!?!?! GREAT! See you there;-) cath
  • Grey Old Men, - 28.09.2004, 19:17 CET
    Hello .
    It's The Grey Old Men from belgium
    speaking. How are You ?? I hope You
    have a great time in belgium. So You coming back next year ??? I hope You do, because your greate.
    You promise me some CD of Elusive!! Here is my adress:
    Joannes De Baets
    Poelstraat 29
    9800 Deinze Belgium.
    Pictures are on line on my site
    If You want to youse some feel free to do so.
    Greatings The Grey Old Men from Belgium ho LOVE'S You Gy's
  • Axe, - 22.09.2004, 15:50 CET
    Hmm...I'm just thinking about going to "Gotham Nights" festival on february'05 to see you live (along with Funhouse and other bands).
    Release a new album please...I'm getting little tired listening "Destination Zero" ;-))))))
    best regards
  • Sam, - 20.09.2004, 19:03 CET
    hey guys how are y'all?
    still enjoying from the gavere gig
    and jan i still want your hat *grin*
    hope you remember me after all those beers we drank
  • cornelis, - 12.09.2004, 23:40 CET
    Very good concert. The songs for the new album are very good. I will buy the new cd, when he is in the store. Follow the way of music you made now. Greets, and hop to see you soon in Belgium !
  • Ruben Saey, - 12.09.2004, 21:56 CET
    I would like to thank you for the great performance at Gavere (Belgium) 11-09-04. It's great to hear a good goth/rock band among the enormous list of electrobands. You bring back the original spirit of ancient Goth/Rock. I really enjoyed the concert en will soon bring a visit to Alain (Purple Moon) to get the great stuff you guys make. Keep the spirit alive and I hope to see you again sometime, someplace.
    May the Goths be with you
  • mugu man, - 10.09.2004, 17:16 CET
    Come to Belgium!!!! PLEASE.... Greetz mugu offffffff
  • Desy, - 09.09.2004, 12:21 CET
    greetz to kristian.
  • Line, - 09.09.2004, 11:06 CET
    Skikkeli` og skikkela`! (Jan skjønn ka eg mein..) :D
    By the way, skikkeli` bra cd!
  • Line, - 09.09.2004, 08:13 CET
    Eh, Jan! Va bære innom sia mens eg e på jobb. Kjed mg no. Jeje.. Sees på jobb da! *klæm*
  • Steinstø, - 06.08.2004, 15:17 CET
    Greetings from the abyss! Any upcoming concerts in Stavanger?
  • Pumba, - 13.07.2004, 15:49 CET
    Hi guys!
    Great band!!!!
    I'm looking for song lyrics. If enybody have it, send it to me PLEASE!!!!
  • Giaco, - 12.07.2004, 17:02 CET
    Images of Fields-Of-The-Nephilim can be purchased online on my site.
  • DarkPepo, - 27.06.2004, 10:48 CET
    hi elusive! when in italy?
  • sixteenth, - 12.06.2004, 21:19 CET
    hello! i adore you! greetings from slovenia! stay the best...!
  • Princess of fucking darkness - 28.05.2004, 21:29 CET
    GO BYGDÅ!!!
  • Anna, - 27.05.2004, 19:45 CET
    Hello, Elusive!
    We love you very much!
    Welcome to Ukraine, we are waiting for you!
  • Eliane Neves, - 25.05.2004, 18:45 CET
    I'm from Brasil and Elusive has become one of my favourite band,such as Fields of the Nephilim,Gardeon fo Delight,Green Carnation,Tristania and Mortiis.
    Your job is amazing.Please don't take so long to show us your new cd.
    By the way I love Jan's voice.
  • Desire, - 11.05.2004, 10:19 CET
    Hi Elusive, Jan it was nice meeting you after your show in Athens, I think you were the best band on Sunday, I would've liked to chat more to you. You have one of the best voices around, and remember your promise, new release in September. Your South African admirer!! XX

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