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  • Pantelis, - 11.05.2004, 08:54 CET
    Hey guys, i saw you playing for first time on Sunday,here in Greece.You were the top band that night, in the elfendanz festival of Athens!!!
  • Silkblade, - 10.05.2004, 17:09 CET
    Hello!! Greetings from Athens!
    Excellent presence at Elfentanz yesterday!!! I was right in front of the stage watching you! I hope you shall visit Greece again in the near future!
  • DARK AWAKE - 20.04.2004, 19:11 CET
    keeip on good work...
    Gothic metal band from greece with etherreal female vocals and medieval/romantic interluds from instruments of classic music.
    web site:
  • Jimmy Frost, - 19.04.2004, 23:17 CET
    Greetings from Greece/DADAist Club!
    See ya at Saturday 8th of May at the decks!
  • anouschka defraeye, - 12.03.2004, 21:48 CET
    I hope you had a nice time in Ghent last weekend. I was very sorry to miss your concert but, anyway, it was nice talking to your bass player during Wolfsheim!
  • julie, - 10.03.2004, 09:05 CET
    Hi guys,
    Thanks for the charming concert in Ghent this weekend. Definitely one of the concerts with the best atmosphere. And what a voice!
    My weblog dedicated to the festival won't come very handy to you, because it's written in Dutch (you don't happen to know any translators Dutch, do you?). But I can assure you that I wrote a very positive article on you guys. I hope that the people who missed the concert feel very very sorry!
  • Björn, - 09.03.2004, 15:31 CET
    Hey guys!
    Thanks for the brilliant concert in Gent this weekend!
    I know there was only a small crowd (+ the people in the seats), but as one of the crowdies, I have to say you totally blew me of my feet! What an astonishing live sound!! For me you guys were one of the high points of the festival.
  • dans sweet page, - 05.03.2004, 14:13 CET
    I like your Page! Check out mine too!
  • Bjørn Endre Endresen, - 05.03.2004, 04:16 CET
    Hei der Kenneth, det e Bjørn Endre, gjekk i klassen din på Uldal for någen år siden.
    Fant plutselig ut at du gjør suksess med bandet her, jævlig bra greier.
    Hadde vert kult om dåkkår kom ein tur te Bergen ette kvert, så eg kan se dåkkår live.
    Send meg ein mail då, så eg får høre kossen det går:9
  • dakree, - 20.02.2004, 11:48 CET
    You are finally coming to greece!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Yay!
    we are all waiting for you :)
    i know that u will amaze well!
  • Dodraugen - 09.02.2004, 00:34 CET
    E da nåke liv i campen?
    ka ti komme da meir? Hail!
  • Tor Arne, - 03.02.2004, 15:47 CET
    javel Barkis!! Kor du holde hus henne nå? ennå østlandet? nye plata på gang elle?
  • tina and ann, - 25.01.2004, 03:29 CET
    jan don't forget ur promise u made me ...en ne goeiendag aan heeeeeeel vlaanderen!!
  • Ivanna, - 22.12.2003, 21:21 CET
  • olve, - 21.12.2003, 00:04 CET
    Jan Kenneth!!! Venter fortsatt på en kopi i posten....
  • loekie - 16.12.2003, 22:50 CET
    Greate site. I linked you're site on my site. My site is a startpage with a lot of links to many style's of metal music check it out when you got the time.
  • JuRiK, - 07.12.2003, 20:24 CET
    Just a little question...Where can i find lyrics of songs? In particular i need the lyric of System Breakdown......
    I someone knows...i left my e-mail
  • Ståle - 05.12.2003, 18:37 CET
    Hei Jan Kenneth!! karri gutten..hehe.. Snart så du må ta en tur tell dalstrøka å ta en gig nå eventuelt drekka litt:) Kansje du ska sende noe nye sanger i posten au når du har dæ på cd.. Åz tållåst
  • dirtydark, - 27.11.2003, 17:23 CET
    i need music
  • LADY FLORA (lady angellyca before) - 20.11.2003, 17:49 CET
    I´m Lady Angellyca, singer of FOREVER SLUT
    I didn´t visit your site for several months. And Today I have entered to read the news...and I have wanted to left this message: I changed my artistic name,now I'm LADY FLORA ( I prefer to use my real name ;P )
    think of me for any work!please,sign my guestbook!

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