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  • Shane McHighlande - 13.05.2003, 08:23 CET
    Oi there! Is there any truth in what I hear about Irish Maiden releasin' an album soon? Bloody hell, the sooner the better, mates! In the mean time, I'll be wearin' me black velvet band, kickin' back a few whiskeys in a jar down at the fields of Athenry.
  • Schakal - 12.05.2003, 14:37 CET
    please. I want a second more from you. and Fast.
  • Claudia - 10.05.2003, 07:01 CET
    Wonderful site! I really enjoyed my visit. Thanks for sharing.
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  • MUGUMAN, GUYMAN@YAHOO.COM - 28.04.2003, 15:30 CET
  • Lady Angellyca - 16.04.2003, 17:00 CET
    Amazing guys. I love your mp3. You should come to my country. Now you have a fan more.
  • Gothic Dusk, - 15.04.2003, 11:50 CET
    You guys rock! Destination Zero is the second best Goth album overall, I've ever heard! As far as Gothic Rock, is concerned, it is by and far the best! I simply cannot wait for your new material! "Run Away" from Songs of Pain is also a fantastic song! I can't believe it took someone this long to take pretty much all of the clichés of Gothic rock, mold them together and make pretty much TH perfect Gothic Rock album! I'm glad it was you guys! Would you EVER consider doing a gig here in Finland? I would be SO there! Keep up the fantastic work, but please release some new material soon! All the best!
  • Der Bjartejugend - 11.04.2003, 11:12 CET
    MIL-Staal 0-3... MÃ¥ bare gi beskjed hvis du syns eg tog for hardt i deg, Tommario;-)
  • susi - 10.04.2003, 19:20 CET
    sweet kisses
  • Der Bjartejugend, - 09.04.2003, 14:48 CET
    Eg berre lurte på om world wide webmasteren kjem til å halde oss orientert om utviklinga i lokalfotballen? Etter som eg forstår, er det elementer både i dette orkesteret og andre lokale band som står i klubbar som f.eks. MIL og Staal. Desse to skal forøvrig møtast i treningskamp på torsdag, eg kan godt melde resultat om interesse. Ha ein god dag!
  • Gamle Elve - 09.04.2003, 08:55 CET
    Vyrdame musikantar hell vevmeister, eg har nokre spyrsmål åt dykk.Eg vonar dykk vil svara.
    1: Kvifor har dykk ingen bassist hell trommis?
    2: Har dykk høyrt om Ryfylkjeorkesteret New Breed? Kva tyktjer dykk um dei?
    3: Kva tankar hev gåth råkkerar som dykk om hår-råkkerar som Gunsn og Hanoi Rocks?
    4:Til slutt nokre tankar omkring brillum dykkar, eg undrar? Hermar lastebilsjåføyrane itte dykk, hell dykk itte dei?
    Beste ynskjer for framtida frå Gamle Elve
  • Bjartiis, - 25.03.2003, 13:20 CET
    I hears rumours that Torstein Flakne was hired as new guitarist's, but he had to be kicked out because he was to skinny to wear a HUGE cross around his neck, I just wonder's if this is true?
  • Eliane Neves, - 18.03.2003, 15:23 CET
    What can I say? I love this band...
  • Rita Stormark, - 16.03.2003, 12:53 CET
    liker sang nummer tre på albumet deres, circle never ends
  • ...unknown... - 10.03.2003, 14:20 CET
  • geoff willis, - 09.03.2003, 23:56 CET
    i have just heard the cd,it wasnt what i expected i thought it would be gothic it is more electronic rock across between billy idol & sisters of mercy,which is not a bad thing,i first heard jans vocals on tristania cds so i thought the music would be of that style,but what the hell a great cd anyway. cheers geoff.
  • PÃ¥l Finnestrand, - 01.03.2003, 15:05 CET
    Hei Jan Kenneth! Lenge sia sist. Har hørt igjennom plata og skal kjøpe den. Blir Oslo tur snart, dram kanskje?
  • junebuste, - 26.02.2003, 23:40 CET
    sjå på det,om eg ikkje vaste meg inn på siå dokkar:o) Ja,eg ska stemma på dokk!! Rock on!
  • Darkness, - 26.02.2003, 20:30 CET
    Come to Belgium!!!! PLEASE.... Greetz
  • God, - 15.02.2003, 18:02 CET
    Hau hau!
  • Cornelius, - 15.02.2003, 07:51 CET
    Jeg har sagt det før, men jeg må skrive det. Jævlig god konsert på samfundet i går...

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