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  • berry, - 09.01.2003, 11:35 CET
    Hi, i have just voted for SAMA. Although I didn't understand a single word of the norwegian language I filled out Elusive in every categorie. Last year I discovered 'Destination Zero' and Elusive. As being a goth fan for almost 20 years travelling through Europe from concert to concert I was amazed by the quality of 'gothability' of the album. I saw Elusive in Paradisio (Amsterdam) and a little time ago at The Event in Geel Belgium. I missed the gig at Mera Luna; I was lucky to talk to their singer in Geel. I was so impressed of their live performance. I'm looking forward for new material of the band. Destination Zero tastes for more. I hope to see and to met Elusive back in 2003. gothic greetings
  • Gothboy, - 02.01.2003, 09:53 CET
    The voting for SAMA (Scandinavian Alternative Music Awards) has opened. Take the opportunity to vote for Elusive in ALL categories, best band, song, album, new band.
  • eliane, - 28.12.2002, 14:29 CET
    Hi Tommy,What can I say about this cd, only wonderfull.I met the guys from Tristania when they came from Brasil in January,Osten told me about your band. I know you are K. Olsson's brothers.I lke you band a lot, go ahead and bring us with more music.
  • Gogo, - 11.12.2002, 21:10 CET
    Time to dominate Sweden soon ? Belsepub or Pandemonium in Göteborg would fit nicely...
  • Danner, - 11.12.2002, 09:59 CET
    Hi ,
    great music - I like it very much (remembers me to the early Sisters - compliment !)
    greetz from Heidelberg - DD
  • Marcos, - 08.12.2002, 23:12 CET
    I love your debut cd! You guys have easily picked up where band´s like Rosetta Stone, Love Like Blood, Screams for Tina, The Wake, & Nosferatu have left off. Gothic rock for the millenium! Can´t wait to hear more! And the future look´s bright.....errr...bleak.
  • SkyCrow, - 06.12.2002, 02:11 CET
    Magic music. Drums are amazing (from the drummer's point of view :) ). Waiting for the next masterpieces. Keep going the same way. Good luck.
    Truly yours, Dmitri "SkyCrow" Medvedev ("Infinity Verge" drummer)
  • Manica, - 28.11.2002, 15:23 CET
    I would like to thank you,guys for your music,which keeps me going every time I`m down:)
    Well,I guess I should also mention that I`m an old ToT and Tristania fan,so kisses for Morten and Tommy!
    Jan,your voice is amazing!
    You guys rock the world:)))))
    I love you:)
    yours truly,Manica from cold Russia:)
  • Tom, - 28.11.2002, 01:12 CET
    belgisch????? ben niet de enigste dan
  • Ane, - 26.11.2002, 12:27 CET
    Hei Jan Kenneth!Nå har jeg vært flink pike og stemt opp til flere ganger,så nå forventer jeg å få se dere spille i oslo snart i gjengjeld!!Un abrazo y un beso:)
  • StÃ¥le, - 25.11.2002, 16:01 CET
    Hallo Jan! Nå har jeg etter hardt press lagt igjen min stemme på Gotham Nights siden så nå venter jeg bare på takken for det :-)
  • northernlight, - 24.11.2002, 11:52 CET
    Guys!you are makin' one of the best things that i've ever heard!I love your music...
  • tina en ann, - 21.11.2002, 12:28 CET
    if you guys talk norsk we tallk flamish ! kussen vanuit belgië (kisses from belgium)
  • tina en ann, - 21.11.2002, 12:25 CET
    we voted 10 times on you at big kisses from tina and ann
  • tom, - 18.11.2002, 16:46 CET
    hey guys, i hope you arived good in norway after "the event" in GGGeel, hehe, the music wasnt my thing, except the great billy idol cover, but you guys sure know how to make fun :-D all the best and greetz from tom (the guy behind the bar with the mortiis tshirt)
  • Rom 106/4, - 15.11.2002, 22:39 CET
    Well, well. It took some time, but i finally remembered the adress. I got some help from 103/all 4, who I still are mailing with. I'll buy an example of your CD, and after listening to it, you'll get my opinion about it. So long!!
  • Hank Von Helvete - 08.11.2002, 10:53 CET
    enig med bjartiss.. på tide med ei cover plate.. Kan Jonny Cnash kan dokk!
    Bjarte.. snart på tide med en "velvet cape, hugh krosses" kveld! e d forresten sant at barkved e tvekjønna?
  • Dmitry, - 05.11.2002, 21:15 CET
  • Project: Data Control, - 28.10.2002, 07:08 CET
    Great site!
  • Headblast, - 19.10.2002, 16:15 CET
    For en fantastisk komposisjon av en plate, noe av det beste jeg har kjøpt - ever!! Destination greatness - spør dere meg:)

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